Brickfete (first in Canada)
Written on 08/07/11 at 09:22:38 AST by legomotive
This message appeared on Lugnet and it is from David Koudys:

Brickfete was fantastic!  I'm still pumped and haven't come down from that high!

The 4 days flew by waaay too quickly!

So here's some things--

First, pics--

I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted, but lack of time and energy.  The
good bit is there were lots of photo-bugs there and I'm sure more pics'll show

Second, the public day--

Fantastic!  I was out in the free build area for the most part of the day and aw
kids and adults just building and playing.  Some folks stayed a few minutes
whilst some were there for hours.  I find nothing brings all ages and all
everything else together like big bins o' lego.

Third, the events--

I only partook in Dirty Brickster (thanks Jen!).  OMG!!!  That was exceptionally
fun!  I watched (some) of the other events and those that partook thoroughly
enjoyed (from what I could see)

fourth, the builds--

I walked around and was blown away by the extremely high quality MOCs present.
From the huge twin towers to the small mosaics--it was very apparent that love
and committment to the hobby went into them all

saving he best to last-- the people--

Once again hanging with fellow fans of the brick is great.  Doing it at a fest
is better.  Having almost all my close LEGO friends at one spot for 4

Thanks Jim for being there and putting up with us 'fanboys'  Abner, Steve and
the rest of the US contingent for being Canadian for 4 days and using 'funny

The QueLUG fans (that, up to this weekend I had no clue about) thanks for coming
and making the event so much more fun!  Marc--we'll hang out more for sure!

I'm forgetting a great many people here, but I'm still catching up on sleep

Jen and Jeff, thanks for remaining the steadfast friends that I've always had.
It's more appreciated than you can know.

Chris, the strong back of Brickfete 2011--you did so much for the show, but you
did so much for me personally--thanks

And Janey--you rock girl!  I can't say more without getting misty eyed so I'll leave it there.

To all the participants, thanks for being there and putting up with so many
'Daveisms'  I loved beingf with all of you.  I want to do more with you.

Here's looking at Brickfete 2012

Dave K

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